The FDA: Not Your Advocate

Raw milk. Yes, I drink it. On May 1, I wrote to the FDa to protest their year long sting operation against Rainbow Acres Farm, here is their response.

Thank you for writing to the FDA to express your views concerning the agency’s recent enforcement action against Rainbow Acres Farm in Kinzers, Pennsylvania.

In taking this action, FDA was fulfilling its mandate under federal law passed by Congress which prohibits the sale of unpasteurized milk in U.S. commerce. This decades-old prohibition is based on many well-documented cases of disease transmitted to consumers by unpasteurized milk.
Following an inspection of Rainbow Acres Farm last year investigators determined the farm was producing, packaging, selling, and distributing unpasteurized and unlabeled milk for human consumption in interstate commerce. On April 20, 2010, FDA issued a Warning Letter to the firm informing it of the violations and stating that regulatory action might be taken. The firm continued to operate in violation of federal law.

In this case, the firm chose to continue to distribute unpasteurized milk for human consumption in interstate commerce even after it was informed that it was violating federal law. The agency then determined that the enforcement action was necessary to protect the public health. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with the FDA.
2010 > Rainbow Acres Farm 4/20/10
Public Affairs Specialist #10

Whether or not this was actually illegal will likely be debated in the courts. The Kinzers had leased their cows and milk production equipment to a private buying club – leasing being a time-honored business practice – and as such, the members of the club already owned the milk that the FDA claims was being sold across state lines. Having received a letter from the lawyer of the aforementioned buying club, they have backed off.

However, this does not explain the disproportionate use of resources in the pursuit of “criminals” who are well aware of the risks they take in consuming a raw product. The claim in this letter that there is along history of people being made sick by raw milk makes no distinction between the poor quality product that was sold in inner cites at the turn of the century, and the certified raw milk sold today by many responsible farmers; farmers who would be fools to sell a product that made their customers sick. The FDA has a long history of storming in on sellers of natural products with guns drawn, while gently slapping the wrist of corporations who sell food contaminated by E-coli O:157 H:7, and approving drugs that have nasty side effects for use by the unsuspecting general public.

If the FDA were truly interested in public health, as Public Affairs Specialist #10 claims, then why were osteoporosis drugs that caused bone breakage allowed to remain on the market for so long? and why did a well known diabetes drug cause tens of thousands of heart attacks? With a record like this, the FDA is showing no evidence of its claims of protecting the public. They are as faceless and irresponsible as any corporation.

Many of the people I know have not tried raw milk and don’t much care about whether or not some farmer gets harassed. But almost everyone I know has made use of some form of alternative treatment to heal an injury or illness. Not one vitamin or mineral supplement – let alone certified raw milk – has caused the deaths of tens of thousands, yet the FDA will make every effort to “protect” us by demanding such supplements be labeled with phrasing such as “this product may cause illness”. The FDA is owned by Merck, by GlaxoSmithKline, by Monsanto and many others. They do not answer to the people they claim to protect, but traffic in legal fictions and evasions.


About selinarif

Selina came across Paganism around age 15 and it felt like coming home. She has been solitary, and worked in numerous circles, both formal and informal in several different traditions. She is a massage therapist, home-maker, amateur home re-modeler, and a martial artist, and ties all of these things into her spirituality.
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One Response to The FDA: Not Your Advocate

  1. elswyth says:

    Whatever happened to people making their own choices about what they can and can’t buy? ‘Buyer beware’ is a very old concept. It should never be ‘Buyer only buy what we deem safe’.

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